Saturday, 7 July 2018

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This is an interesting and different comedy/drama available just now via Amazon Prime which plays out in 8 episodes, all about 50 minutes. It's about a generally happy Jewish housewife in 1950's Manhattan known as Midge who, following the breakup of her marriage and having been instrumental in the writing behind her husband's comedy career, grabs the limelight and has a go at performing herself instead.

Mrs Maisel is played superbly well by the engaging Rachel Brosnahan (Crisis in Six Scenes, Patriots Day, House of Cards) who, in the title role, as you might expect, completely dominates the show. She is well supported by a good cast, including Alex Borstein (Bad Santa, Gilmore Girls, Catwoman), Michael Zegen (Girls, Frances Ha, Boardwalk Empire), Tony Shalhoub (Monk, The Man Who Wasn't There, Adams Family Values) and many others.

The story, written by Amy Sherman-Palladino (the pen behind Rosanne), depicts the ups and downs of Midge's attempt to hold her life together, deal with her parents, her departed husband, his new girlfriend, the husband's parents, the agent, comedy bosses, the law and courts... You get the picture! All the makings you might expect from a complex Woody Allen comedy! And there are clear similarities.

It's a wonderful romp through great scenes, fine writing, great comedy and drama, excellent acting and the jewel in the crown, the charismatic performance of Brosnahan. The sets of 1950's New York are recreated excellently - from inside the seedy, smokey comedy clubs to department stores, home decor and furnishing - it's all there to enjoy and, like the whole show, has been beautifully produced.

I see that they've now started a second series, so I guess that's on TV is the USA just now and we'll get to see it in the UK sometime next year. It will be worth waiting for if it's anything like as good as this first series. Recommended.

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