Saturday, 7 July 2018

Eye in the Sky

A film which focuses on people, people's values and human beings placed in situations challenging expected behaviour and emotional response. The dilemma for the execution team is similar to that faced by the military staff entrusted to do as they're told and trained to do at the start of the film War Games, though in that case, presented with an air of 'boy's adventure'. Not here.

This is a much more gritty drama which tells the tale of the actions of a drone flying over Africa being controlled by a USA remote pilot, very well played by Breaking Bad's Jessie, Aaron Paul, the top military brass in London represented by the late Alan Rickman and the Colonel on the ground devotedly committed to the mission's goal, played by Helen Mirren.

It explores how the chain of command and decision making happens between governments, ministers, military personnel and politicians when human life is at stake for different cultures seeking different ideals whilst avoiding post-incident blame through investigation and enquiry. It highlights the difficulties faced by everyone in deciding how to choose between the worse of two undesirable outcomes and does so excellently with edge-of-the-seat tension and suspense.

It's beautifully directed by Gavin Hood with excellent photography and a haunting score throughout in what, for much of the time, are claustrophobic scenes.

Now, I'm not in any way qualified to know if any of it's accurate or based on what really does, can or would happen, nor stand in judgement about the issues involved about terrorism and how to right the world's wrongs, but it certainly made for a tight-knit engaging thriller with excellent performances. The time spent watching it just flies - and I'm finding that more and more difficult to say with films these days.

Recommended, certainly.

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