Saturday, 7 July 2018

Victorinox Swisscard Classic

The Victorinox SwissCard Classic is available in slight variations and is a handy wallet-sized dumbed-down Swiss Army Knife. My version has a pair(?) of scissors, nail file, knife, tweezers, pin, tooth-pick, ball point pen (still working 25 years on!) and on the etchings of the plastic, a ruler - one side inches, the other, centimetres.

It's a very 'andy little thing and has been present in my wallet for quarter of a century, invaluable now and again when stuck with a tedious little task - the rest of the time, forgotten and virtually invisible. I know we've covered Swiss Army Knives before, but this is slightly different and certainly I can't imagine anyone getting into trouble with the law carrying this kind of knife! Except maybe on an aircraft! Be interesting to test. After you!

Available in slight variations from various places, for various prices, but straight from the horse's mouth at £26 from Victorinox at

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