Saturday 7 July 2018

Morphy Richards Soupmaker

For the purposes of OffGrid quick but healthy meals, easy preparation and clearing up, I decided that I'd give this a go. The idea is that you chop up your food (though not raw meat), chuck it in, add water, put the lid on, press Go and it makes you soup by a programme of heating, blending and resting!

Now, there are loads of different models, slightly different model numbers, loads of different prices and loads of different manufacturers at this game, so be careful, read reviews and choose wisely! I was trying to find one that would run off 12V, but no chance of course(!) so ended up with this one (£47 - £65: shop around!), which I worked out draws 4.1A at 240V so for use on a campsite it should be OK as long as it's a 16A campsite and other power-hungry stuff is turned off whilst cooking.

This model gives you the choice of smooth or chunky soup as well as a Juice maker function. The whole of the lid is the brains of the operation and isn't really a lid but rather a motor with heater inside and blending blades at the foot. You put the whole thing in when ready and start the intelligent programme. Don't lift the lid 'til it's done or you have to start again! I haven't tried the juice maker yet, but I'm sure it'll be good based on the soup blending. It does warn you not to put ice in this model though.

One of the improvements could be to allow some sort of reheating function, which it advises against, though I'm not sure why really. So I guess it's a saucepan and gas ring on the road for me, once done and cooled later. I've tried cabbage and carrot soup, which was far too thin. Second try was the same, but I also threw in a small tin of Cured Chicken Breast and a sprinkling of gravy granules. Much better! It whirls and blends and grinds away for 21 minutes, then ready! Just the right thickness (for me). It's clearly a case of trial and error.

The outside of the unit does get hot during cooking, like a saucepan would, so take care. As I speak, mum +Esther Salmon has bought one from Tesco, slightly bigger for more people, so we'll see how she gets on. For now, recommended very highly for quick and easy healthy grub!

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