Saturday 7 July 2018

The Sinner

Got to the end of this now. It really dragged towards the end from the point when virtually one whole episode was a flashback.

Anyway, it is recommended as a TV series thriller/drama very well produced and with good central performances, especially from Bill Pullman as the (what has become for this genre) dogged investigator with more personal problems and screwed up background than the rest of us put together!

The central theme for me was religious abuse by the family of a couple of girls, one of whom was dying from a medical condition and how both of their lives were ruined by controlling approach adopted by their parents.

Jessica Biel plays the older girl, who falls in with the wrong crowd and as an act of rebellion against her domestic religious oppression steps out into another world with catastrophic results including murder and mental health issues brought about by the abuse.

As the story unfolds, more of what happened comes to light and it's served out in bite sized chunks in order to make it last through eight 45 minute episodes. Most of it passes quickly and remains interesting.

It's a good show and better than the average drivel filling up Netflix by the bucketload, so I'd suggest you give it a try if you fancy investing the time.

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