Saturday 7 July 2018

Snowdonia Walking Shoes

I didn't think I'd see the day when, after most of my adult life my static size 13 feet would actually grow in size, but I seem to have to concede that maybe that's what's happened!

Maybe it's too long wearing Crocs and letting my feet 'spread' in an attempt to ease the pain of gout - or maybe I'm just growing even bigger! Anyway, as I said, I've lived in Crocs for years and this weather just now wasn't going to be quite the ticket for continuation, so I went out to seek a pair of trainers/walking shoes.

I tried trainers in 13's at various places over recent years and they just aren't comfortable. I even borrowed a pair of trainers for a week in size 13 but no good. So I took a risk and ordered this pair of Snowdonia shoes from Jacamo in size 14 and they fit really nicely. They are solid and appear to keep the weather out, they're not badly designed and feel as though they're going to last. And fit!

They've certainly been tested in the snow this week and I'm not really sure what I'd have done if I hadn't happened to grab them about a month ago. I guess that for fitting, they're wide and that suits me - but they are advertised as standard fitting.

Currently £48 at Jacamo. Recommended.

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