Saturday, 7 July 2018

100 Code

This a 12-part series set in Stockholm and depicting the tale of a serial killer who had previously been executing his craft on the streets of New York but now has decided to continue in Scandinavia. The Stockholm police are joined by a young detective sent over from the USA to add his experience as they try to catch the blighter!

The main detective in Stockholm is played by Mikael Nyqvist (Dragon Tattoo original series, The Colony, Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol) and the drafted in American, by Dominic Monaghan (Lost, Lord of the Rings, The Unknown). Nyqvist is a fabulous actor and will excel in all he plays but Monoghan, I'm afraid, felt like he was miscast and really didn't convince at all in the role he was set. The only other actor of note (and for pleasantness on the eye) as far as I'm concerned, who had a minor role in fact, was Hedda Stiernstedt. She has done most of her work thus far in Scandinavia but I thought her to be convincing here, holding the proceedings together from HQ.

Firstly, I'd say that the plot gets a bit too complicated for it's own good ultimately and it's also about 3 episodes too long. As we head into 7 and 8, it starts to slow and get padded out - feels like it should be concluding. But the story-line is OK. It has substance and interest. It's not the greatest and most gripping - and at times has the feel of a made-for-TV outing - but it's watchable with a bit of patience. About half of it is subtitled - the only times that English is spoken is when the Monaghan is in the scene - but it's amazing that pretty much everyone in Stockholm seems to be fluent in English. From the lowliest car park attendant upwards! Wonder if that's true!

I think someone was trying a little too hard to make Monoghan's character be Thomas Harris' Will Graham. He even looks like the parallel actor in Manhunter, William Petersen. The broken cop with a gloomy outlook on life, non-communicative, poor people skills, emotionally unstable, dealt a hard deal in life and leads a pointless existence. You know the kind - they seem quite widespread inside this genre of programming.

And that's not the only nod to the work of Harris - the incarcerated prisoner in a mental institution being used to bounce ideas off and being lured by tempting gifts related to the arts! In this case, a piano - with Hannibal, Plumb Island, classical music and paintings. So plenty of nods - I'm assuming this all can't be coincidence!

All in all, it's not a bad series, just a bit too long. If you can deal with the subtitles and slow pace along with somewhat cliched genre trappings, you'll do OK with it. Just don't expect edge of the seat thrills, spills or jaw-dropping twists and turns. Currently showing via NowTV/Sky in the UK.

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