Saturday 7 July 2018


I wasn't really sure that I'd like this at the outset and that I'd get a bit bored with the subject matter, but actually, it's a very well thought out piece of cinema, beautifully shot, atmospheric, wonderfully acted and kept my interest throughout.

This kind of film was made for Helena Bonham-Carter of course and she rules the roost really. Anne-Marie Duff, who I've only really ever seen in Shameless (but had forgotten that she was also in The Magdalene Sisters), also provided a great supporting role and the lead, played by Carey Mulligan, who previously has appeared mainly in quality British TV drama, was remarkable. All the players were convincing and portrayed the harrowing plight of these people and their struggle against the establishment back in the day as they fought to get women the vote and move towards equality in law with men.

I learned much from watching the film, too. It gave context to the snippets of information we think we know about the events of the era and, assuming it was true to life, gave a stark portrayal of social values and the behaviour of those with power at the time - and it's really not that long ago. How far we have come.

Thoroughly recommended viewing. Available on NowTV as I write.

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