Saturday 7 July 2018

Santa Monica Baines Cardie

I've always had trouble finding clothes to fit me. I'm a big bloke and most shops, understandably, stock for average blokes. If I was running a shop, I would too.

So I'm always pleased to find an outlet which caters for the <ahem> big-boned. Dabbled with places like Jacamo, but they often don't have nice stuff in bigger sizes, only the boring.

Enter Zalando. Don't really know much about them, but they appear to be a German reseller. There's a London landline telephone number. They promise hassle-free returns and free delivery and they have a really well designed and functioning App. for Android.

As The Beast from the East sweeps the country at time of writing, I'm really pleased I'd prepared with this crackingly warm cardigan. It's actually too big for me, amazingly, but it's great for around the house to keep snuggled down and warm.

I got the 4XL but probably should have got the 3XL. Their model (I spared you a photo of me in mine!) is wearing a 3XL, below. He's 6'2". Very often items are not long enough for us tall people. This cardie is lovely and long. It has chunky buttons, a zip up the front too, inside the buttons if wanted, two big pockets and nice long sleeves.

It's a great article, made of poly-something-or-other (so don't tumble dry it) and cosy and warm for snow-bound days. It's not cheap, I guess, at £43, but when you're my size and you find an article of clothing that fits, the price seems less of an issue.

More importantly though, this side of the Atlantic, I seem to have found a place to get clothes that actually fit me.

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