Saturday, 7 July 2018

Sennheiser MX375 Earphones

I dropped my JVC £5 Gumy special earphones in my coffee! I thought at first they'd survived, but after a week or two realised that they weren't going to recover as the sound remained muffled from the bud which took the plunge! So what to get instead...

One of the things I hate about modern day earphones are the intrusive stuff-down-the-ear-canal variety which are claustrophobic and uncomfortable. So I've always tried to seek out the ones which just kind of sit over the lobe/entrance area. Like the Apple ones from 5 years ago ( Or those £5 JVC Gumy ones (

Yes, I know, the sound is better when stuffed down the lug'ole, but I don't care - I don't like 'em! So I was looking around at what was out there and the choice is very much more weighted towards the ones I hate.

After much research, I came down on the side of this Sennheiser model. Yes, I could have just got another Gumy JVC pair but I thought I'd treat myself! They come with a foam choice for sitting in the edge of the ear, or can be used without of course. A simple 3-pole 3.5mm plug and no pesky in-line controls complicating things!

The sound is great, too. Even me with my wonky ear can tell the difference between the output of these and the Gumy set. Deep and rich - a nice range. But I'm no audiophile, so if you're expecting anything more, check out a specialist review. I think that the £14 was well worth it over the £6 for the cheaper ones. Nice sound, simple and just the job.

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