Saturday, 7 July 2018

Time Lapse

This is an interesting little film which tries really hard to be Shallow Grave and to some degree and in some respects, it is a low-budget, less polished version of that. It has that feel about it. An unexpected chain of events between three people sharing an apartment, some unexpected twists and turns, some science fiction to keep you amused, which change the dynamics, relationships, outlooks, priorities and behaviour between them.

It starts off with the trio discovering that an old man across the way has snuffed it and left behind a machine which takes a photo across towards their apartment (of which they always seem to leave the large window not covered by a blind/curtain, whatever they seem to be doing!) depicting the scene 24-hours in the future. Sounds a bit daft, and maybe it is, but it's the basis for some mind-bending fun for them and the viewer. They soon work out the implications of this discovery on their wallets and purses and serve their greed. And this is where things start to go wrong, of course!

It's not particularly well acted by a bunch of relative unknowns and has the feel of a TV Film and stage play (perhaps it is) about it. A pretty much closed set for the duration, their apartment, his apartment, a lock-up and compound. It's clearly a made-to-budget film but you can see why the story and idea was an interesting one to play with and it's certainly worthwhile. A fun hundred minutes with not-quite-expected outcomes!

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