Saturday 7 July 2018


Just a quick one to say that I've got through to the end of the second series now. It really is great viewing. Easy to get lost as to what's going on sometimes, so pay attention! Has got darker and more grizzly the further it has gone in, but a great edge-of-seat thriller set in the Norwegian community of Fortitude with it's atmospheric Fargo-style ice, snow, Snorkel-Parkas, murder, mystery, lunacy and mayhem!

It has the feel of a routine Scandanavian crime thriller to start (and even has The Killing's Sofie Gråbøl in the lead role) but it's much smarter, much more gory, gripping and with substance. There are times when it slows to walking-pace, building background and atmosphere but never fails to keep you watching and awaiting the next chapter!

It's beautifully shot, acted, directed and delivered keeping you gripped throughout the whole of the two seasons (so far)! The further you invest, the more nuts, shocking and jaw-dropping it gets. Fortitude was filmed in Reyðarfjörður, Iceland. Try pronouncing that!

There are loads of actors and parts in it. There's a huge cast with people of various fame, experience - as well as unknowns. Michael Gambon, Richard Dormer, Christopher Eccleston, Dennis Quaid to name a few. Currently available in the UK as a part of the NowTV/Sky service. Thoroughly recommended. Hold on to your hats!

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