Monday 9 July 2018

Handy Face Fan

The Haptime Mini Fan is very much a face-fan. Hold it within 3 inches of your face and it does a fair cooling act on your mug! It's really cute and handbag-ready or tall pocket fit. I have a pair of cargo trousers which has a thin, long pocket on the side (I think designed for a workman's spanner or something) in which it fits perfectly. It's about 6 inches long, made of solid plastic and has a pull-off lid, about the size of two lipsticks. The blades are very soft, so you'd have to be really stupid to hurt yourself with it, and the central chamber pulls out revealing 2 x AA batteries. It actually comes supplied with a set. There's a simple on/off slider switch.

The main selling point of this though is the handy size and shape - like a pair of reading glasses in a tube - throw it in a bag/pocket and forget about it until needed. Apparently a fresh set of batteries are good for 8 hours use, but that's with the supplied. I'm guessing that with a set of new Duracell cells it would be longer. It's quite hard to test that as nobody's going to use one of these continuously for 8 hours+ and it can only really be judged over time.

The main complaint will be the power of the fan, I'm thinking. It isn't very strong and wouldn't be much use in serious heat but for the average UK day, it's just fine if held, as I say, nice and close to the face. For a few quid I think it's worth throwing in a bag. 

£7.99 at AmazonUK

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