Saturday, 7 July 2018


Watched this tonight, for some strange reason! Not quite sure what to think of it really. She's really cute, as are most of the characters. It's a bit formulaic I guess as a kid's mainstream cartoon film, but feels like it has something a little better.

Parts of it in the middle seem to head into cartoon-inside-animation like maybe Yellow Submarine, Mary Poppins or Bedknobs and Broomsticks - or even Fantasia or Dumbo. It also felt too long really. After an hour I was looking at my phone!

But the animation of the people is really quite stunning. It's so realistic, it just feels like these are people being filmed at times, in some shots. The attention to detail is excellent. The story-line doesn't really matter, but it's about a village girl from the South Sea Islands who has to follow a quest against the advice of her family to save everyone and assure a better future for all, like their forefathers had enjoyed. Etc!

Ultimately it's a kid's film of course much like Mulan - and unlike some, doesn't really draw adults in like some do, embedding humour and jokes for mums and dads - but if you approach it in this way - kids round the TV while you pop in and out to check the turkey, then it's great fun and entertainment.

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