Saturday, 7 July 2018

127 Hours

This is the true story of a mountain climber Aron Ralston who goads danger and excitement by pushing himself to various limits out and about in the canyons. He goes out one day, starting on bicycle, then on foot, leaping about between rocks and ledges and crevices until he slips up, falls and traps his arm between a canyon's wall and a fallen boulder.

And that's about it really! Nobody knows where he is or that he has gone off to do this, his meagre supplies of water and nibbles begin to run out and he realises that his destiny is in his own hands. Clearly it's a survival story, one man's plight against the odds and a picture of what he might try to do and engineer to get himself out of it and live to tell the tale.

It's been made in a fairly dour manner without much injection of suspense or depiction of seriousness of the plight. I get that he had started to hallucinate but they spend far too much of the film's time leaping around between images and thoughts mixed up in delirium from his past to, what would seem, pad the film out to a given length.

I didn't really know much of the actor involved, James Franco, but it's clearly apparent from his IMDB Profile that he must be the busiest actor of all time! An incredible number of projects he's been involved in form a list longer than his trapped arm! He plays it well enough, I just don't think it's been particularly well thought through as a film and unlike, say, Cast Away, there was little if any shuffling towards the edge of one's seat.

Certainly a Sunday afternoon film when you've got nothing much else to do.

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