Saturday 14 December 2019

Xiaomi MiJia Wiha Screwdriver Set

I wonder how many people reading this would not be thrilled to receive this screwdriver set! Xiaomi seem to be branching into so many different product areas now, and usually doing it really well, like here. Great materials, design and quality. Like the old days!

We've seen this done before of course with all sorts of screwdriver bits inside handles and interchangeable this and that, but to be honest, they're usually plastic and cheapo crapo! This is the opposite and although not as cheap as the aforementioned, you get the feeling that it's good for a lifetime's use instead of a decade (or until someone drops it and plastic splits on cheap ones)!

There's an outside metal 'sleeve' which slides up and covers the tray inside. The tray is plastic, but it's the only part that is - and it's solid and hard. The tray can only be placed inside the sleeve the right way (upright) and when it gets to the end, a firm press on the top of the tray 'clicks' it into a locking mechanism which only releases when pressed in again - when it pops out.

In the tray, you get a 'handle' in which the bits are placed and this has three flat sides to assist grip and a twirly-end to help which screwing-in to reposition hands. It's made of metal again and beautifully moulded. You can get different sizes of these kits with different arrays of bit-heads for different prices. This is the 24-piece set and has a range of Philips, Flat, Hex and Torq bits of different sizes. They're pretty small and the kit lends itself to precision jeweler, optician or clock-repair tasks, but of course, a thousand jobs around the house.

The icing on the cake is that the bits are all magnetic so not only do they stay firmly in the handle when in use but somehow 'snap' into the place-holders in the box too. How that works with a plastic tray, I don't know, but it does. I guess there must be a metal sub-tray in there. Each bit is etched with the size it is in the set and there's handy logos on the tray indicating the set of each row.

I'm really impressed and am now on the lookout for other Xiaomi stuff by default when looking for stuff I need/want, checking their gear first! This one is available from AmazonUK for about £20 (it seems to fluctuate) alongside the rest of their range. Very highly recommended.

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