Sunday 23 December 2018

Kill the King (Shangri-La Suite)

I must stop watching films just because Emily Browning is in them! In actual fact, she does seem to end up in a good number of duds! Like this one really.

It's an odd 'road-movie' in which a pair of teens in rehab get together, driven by psychiatric illness and childhood abuse, he, believing he's been told by his dead mother to go and kill Elvis Presley, this all in 1974.

Luke Grimes plays the lead male role and the pair of them don't do a bad job, but it's just a bit of a daft story, with no base in any fact, dreamt up! Elvis is played by Ron Livingston reasonably well and they even roped in the late Burt Reynolds as narrator.

Trying hard to be a Natural Born Killers as they start to bump people off on the road and get themselves famous, it just doesn't work on any level. It's a first film directed by Eddie O'Keefe and an interesting idea - he's not done bad to create something interesting and different at least.

Give it a miss, unless you are driven to see more of scantily-clad Browning here and there!

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