Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Decorative LED Numbers

Up In lights Decorative LED Wooden Age Numbers. In this case, 60, as mum and dad recently remembered their 60th Wedding.

It's a simple block of wood with LEDs depicting the desired number. There are options for numbers available. It's nice that it's wood and not a lump of plastic, though I guess that makes it a bit more money. 

Takes 2xAAA batteries and has a simple on/off switch. No glary flashing effects! Not sure how long the batteries will last - I'm guessing months if left on! Will run out, no doubt, just in time for the next 60th event in your family!

Nice for a birthday or anniversary. Flog it to a neighbour for the next rare event!

It's about 6" high and 9" wide. £11 at AmazonUK (

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