Wednesday, 26 June 2019

MeWe - Reply in the Root!

Embedded Threads - Some Pointers...

One of the big issues on MeWe is this pesky threading and replies thing, which it seems clear that they are not going to change, so we need to navigate it.

One of the biggest offenders here is when on Mobile, in the App, the Notifications serve the user up with an already hived off path of a conversation - and a button welcoming the user to Reply at the bottom. If you use this reply route then the reply will be hived off also onto a sub-thread and not be clearly visible to all, like it was in G+ back in the day. See Figure 1.

The trick here is to NOT reply there, but to tap on the body of the text in the first message at the top, which then takes you to the original post. You can then scroll down and reply - so that everyone can see what you've said.

If you go ahead and reply from that first screen, the reply will be hidden under that little arrow (see that "1" bottom-right of one of the messages in Figure 2) and you then have to tap it to see what it says. Easily missed when browsing.

Of course, the pay-back here is that you then have to address the person you're talking to in order to invoke their Notifications (assuming they are on) so they will be alerted to your reply, by the usual @ tag system.

Of course, people will have different views - and some people like the way MeWe do this, but as it's the No.1 complaint and confusion here, going forward I'd like to encourage everyone to do the same thing - or at least be aware that you can do.

Any questions or misunderstandings, fire away - I'll do my best!

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