Sunday, 16 June 2019

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Original Title: Toki o kakeru shôjo
Continuing my quest for good quality Animation (as opposed to mass-produced Disney junk) I stumbled on this one and was disappointed, overall.
The style is that Japanese one, and I get that, but I think the style suffers in the way it depicts human beings - which is a shame. The animation otherwise is top-notch - lovely back/foreground visuals and near 3D-feel and attention to detail as the viewing angle from the camera makes the most of depth and focus in many scenes. It's all clever stuff and if only the people were afforded the same attention instead of blindly following the style, I think it would be much more pleasing.
Apart from that, the storyline had the real makings of an interesting time-travel one, but it has been hijacked and turned into a teen angst tale centred around kids at school, without a rich backdrop or intelligence to lift it beyond.
It's quite a long film for an animation but lacks the class and grip of others I have seen during my quest, particularly those from Studio Ghibli.

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