Sunday, 14 October 2018

Napoleon Mantel Clock

I had a gap on my mantelpiece which had been crying out for months for something to go in it! What better than a clock! I've been biding my time (heh) and eventually found a style I liked in the Amazon Bank Holiday Sale for half price. (Due to Amazon's wonky pricing, it was set at £90 and I got it for £45 but now I see it's £60! Pick the bones out of that. So I guess on today's price it was only a quarter off. They saw me coming! Oh well.) It's very nice and certainly worth £45.
It's made of wood (apparently 'oak effect') with an Arabic Dial (whatever that means) and has the usual (these days) AA-battery driven Chinese clock assembly inside with a plate to pull off the back to get to that and the dial to set the hands. It was obvious from setting the hands that it was a better quality item as it just 'felt' firmer and more solid in the movement than many a £9.99 special! There's four 'felt' pads on the bottom for sitting on without risk of scratching/sliding.

These things are all subjective of course, but I think that for the money it's very attractive and fits in the space very nicely. There's some stuff that we buy that's dirt cheap because being plastic and badly made doesn't matter - like the average auto-detect LED bathroom light for a fiver - but sometimes it's just nice to pay a bit more and have something that one knows is at least a bit less rubbish ;-)

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