Sunday, 14 October 2018

Instant Porridge Top Tip!

Most of us pragmatists know that although these instant breakfasts are not like the real thing, for 8p a bowl, we do it anyway!

But, what do you do if you ignore the instructions to use the bag the oats are in to measure your water/milk, guessing, badly, and use far too much so that after cooking your breakfast is runnier than a schoolgirl's nose on a January morning?!

Chuck your 8p (plus milk and water) and start again? Or think outside the box, making your breakfast even more breakfast'y?

I did this and to thicken things up, I suppose I could have used cornflour etc. but I simply grabbed half a slice of bread, Olive Spread and Marmalade spread on it, then broke it up and worked it in. Voila! Nice thick porridge with a sweet and start-the-day twist ;-)

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