Sunday, 14 October 2018

Illuminated Magnifier

This very light and plasticy sight-aid does a job, if not with much class and quality! The idea is that it stands on a desk (though it can be used hand-held) and you put things behind it so you can see them more clearly with 3x magnification.

The unit has a base, from which protrudes an arm, from which comes the rectangular (approximately) 5” x 7” ‘glass’ panel. I say glass loosely, as it’s not! It’s very flexible plastic and actually, the thing that does the magnifying is a sticker on the plastic! But it seems to work.

In the base you can, if you like, put 4 x AA batteries which then powers some LED lights off to one side. In a brightly lit room these don’t really do anything (and one could argue that they don’t need to) but when it’s darker they certainly assist, even if they off to one side for lop-sided illumination. But you don’t have to power it. Note, however, that if you don’t, you’ll lose the weight of the batteries and subsequent stability that provides, on a desk.

The viewing panel can be turned round through 360 degrees, so any angle can be used - and the LED lights turn with it. It certainly is useful for anyone needing to magnify anything behind it, so for close-up work for fiddly jobs or general use for those with sight impairments.

We paid £12 for it but I note that it’s no longer available via AmazonUK except for from 3rd party sellers at higher prices, which we don’t think it’s worth. As usual, hunt around (especially eBay) and you’ll find very similar units at better prices if you have the need for one of these. For those folk, recommended.

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