Sunday, 14 October 2018

Lap Tray

I recently had a bad back again (Room 101 for the human body once more!) and found sitting in an office chair for computing, a short-lived challenge - but did find that sitting on a firm supportive sofa gave the best relief (you just can't stand up all the time!).
The lap tray came into its own here and I found it genuinely useful. The laptop sits perfectly in front of the torso at just the right height, the cushion attached underneath makes the whole rig adjustable for fat or boney legs/knees enabling all sorts of positions. This, coupled with the obvious screen-angle adjustment of laptops gives a perfect solution.

The only gripe I have is that I'm afraid I'm so used to using a mouse that trackpad is a leap too far for me! But I found that on a sofa, the mouse worked perfectly well on the cushion next to me. (So entrenched in my behaviour as I am, I can even use a mouse on the side of my leg or arm of a chair! Talk about being stuck in one's ways!)

Clearly, these are not just for laptops - there's 1001 other uses from writing and drawing to jig-saws and even quaffing and scoffing in front of Corrie if you're careful!

This particular one has been in the family for years so nobody knows really where it came from, though it is a very nice unit with a lovely wooden top and traditional patterned cover. There are plenty of them about though so not hard to find one in a size, shape and colour to suit you.

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