Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Detour (2013)

After watching Centigrade recently, I got the flavour of trapped/survival films and was able to track this little Indie down which is similar, at least in theme. This time it's a landslide/mud and not snow and ice and there's only one person in the car instead of two.

Jackson is on his way to a meeting when suddenly there's a deluge of mud which sweeps him, in his car, away off the road and buries both of them! He's got really limited supplies, much like the folks in Centigrade, and starts to realise that if he waits to be rescued, he'll die first.

The tension rises as the mud starts to harden and get heavier on his car. It starts to creak and groan under the strain. He must take smart and measured actions to survive and work out how on earth he is going to get himself out.

It's another short film, but with this one director/writer William Dickerson has not been brave enough to spend the whole time with Jackson, but rather relies on flashbacks, dream sequences, thoughts and memories of the life from which he has been separated. Perhaps it was easier with Centigrade to stay with the couple as there were the two of them. However, I thought Centigrade was stronger for this element, as it was for Locke, Buried and 7500, previously considered.

However, the star of the show Neil Hopkins does a good enough job. The character's a likeable chap and the audience can instantly root for him in his quest and want him to get out and survive. The question is, though, are the filmmakers brave enough to do the dirty on him or provide us with a nice cosy ending. You'll have to work a bit to get hold of this as the DVD is hard to come by. Looks like a US import only, or MusicMagpie is your friend for used.

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