Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Whatever Works Merchandise

Whatever Works Merch!
Sorry it has taken so long folks, but in order to keep the price as low as possible we have cashed in on a friend of a friend's offer to do this low-run batching. Thanks very much to @Ian Barton for doing the running.

Don't ask why but we've ended up with an odd number of items so I'll update this thread with what's left as we go and it is of course, first come, first served. When looking at the prices and thinking it's a bit steep, just remember that this is a short-run, we don't have the benefit of thousands of numbers as you might on Amazon!

This is how it works
You email me at the usual gmail address - tedsalmon - with your order and delivery address and I'll reply with the bank details to pay into. The first come, first served thing is based on when the cash arrives in the bank.

Good ol' Ian has worked out a system whereby he can send this stuff out via Hermes and his local shop, to keep things safe, so delivery will be a couple of days or so and up to 1Kg is £2.90.

Anyone wanting anything sent out of the UK will have to negotiate with me/Ian.

We can work out postage savings on multiple orders/items on request.

We have...
29 mugs/coaster sets £11 + £2.90 = £13.90
18 Black t-shirts (M/L) £10 + £2.90 = £12.90
2 White t-shirts (M/L) £10 + £2.90 = £12.90
9 Remaining coasters (with no mug) £4 + £2.90 = £6.90

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