Sunday, 6 September 2020

#Alive (#Saraitda)

This little Korean Zombie film from newcomer director Il Cho is a cut above most of the genre. Mainly because actually it's more of a survival tale.

While the whole world outside of an inner-city apartment block complex gets zombiefied, our central character has no alternative but to stay put and hope for help coming. The chances of this dwindle as time goes on, food runs out, water supply gets cut off - though strangely the electricity survives throughout. What is he to do!

I do find Zombie films generally more funny than anything - I think it's the way that they move which is, well, just comic! But fortunately, they play second-fiddle to the survival story, which I now come back to. Eventually, after about 3 weeks, he realises that there's a girl in the flat across the quadrangle, in the same situation as him. Shin-Hye Park plays the very pretty girl who then tries to work out a survival plan with our main character played by Ah-In Yoo.

This is where the action starts as they have to firstly somehow get together, so down their flats, across the quadrangle infested with zombies, and up the other side - then what? Well, the battle begins as they slash their way to a pretty crummy ending, frankly, but we'll forgive that!

Much of the film is about high-tech, drones for practical personal use, social media and how, of course, it will all be instrumental in the survival of the species if zombies took over the planet! It's all good fun and certainly worth a watch if you get the chance!

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