Saturday, 5 September 2020

Underwater Utopia

Following some recent chat on our Projector Room Podcast about underwater thrillers-with-creatures, I grabbed some suggestions from Gareth Myles and lined up a marathon soaking..!

The Rift, 1990

Deepstar Six, 1989

Leviathan, 1989

The Abyss, 1989

Much of it was all good fun but The Abyss stands head and shoulders above the other three here. The first three are, well, very 1980's in terms of acting, cheesy script and delivery. They often feel like TV Movies, an episode of Night Rider (in style and production) or even, for some reason, reminding me of an episode of Land of the Giants! Females on scientific duty with skimpy tops and no underwear, sets that look like something from Dr Who and perfect 80's BIG hairdo's even when wet!

Special mention for Leviathan, the best of the runners-up as the inventiveness of the 'creature' and science is the most interesting, regardless of the above!

All of them have huge nods to Alien and it's not surprising that such a big-budget blockbuster from a decade earlier was so much better, I guess.

All good fun! Catch 'em as they come round.

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