Sunday, 13 January 2019

Travel Pill Case

This cute little box has a 1001 uses! It's marketed as a Travel Pill Case, but I've tried it with all sorts of stuff and it works on many levels.

It's made of really tough and hard plastic and unlike some of these boxes we've seen, the door-flaps for compartments is very firm and clicky to open/close, but not too firm to make it inaccessible for people with not so good hands. It folds over into two and the clasp holding that together is similarly firm and secure.

When it's closed it ends up being about 3" x 2" x 1" so fits snugly into a bag or pocket. There's 5 different sections each side of different sizes.

This is not a 'daily' dispenser kind of box, like some, so there's no day markings (though you could label them, I guess) and it feels much more like a multi-use case for whatever you have to put in it. Memory cards is a good one. Sewing kit maybe. The world is your oyster really!

Not much more to say really except that for a fiver at AmazonUK it seems to be good value, not cheap and nasty like some and very handy indeed.

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