Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Songmics Office Chair

Office chairs is a topic we keep coming back to, which probably reflects the amount of time we all spend in them! I'm a big bloke, weighty, and none of these little 'operator' or 'secretary' chairs are beefy enough for my weight. So the quest continued.

Apart from the weight factor, there's also the size. Try not to picture this in your head or you'll never get rid of it - but maybe Hattie Jacques sitting on the average office chair and how much of her would actually be 'on' the chair! Well, a bit extreme maybe, but you get the point. Some of us need a physically large pad to sit on as well as strength.

Enter the Songmics Office Chair from AmazonUK ( for anything from £70 to £150 depending on whether there's a 'q' in the month or not! It's a real beast of a chair, guaranteed for over 23 stones in weight, sizeable with comfy PU padding everywhere. Big 76" back with flip-up armrests with a lever for the usual 'stay in place' or 'recline'. Height can be set in a 10cm range and of course it is on wheels and swivels through 360 degrees.

Click through to the Amazon listing to see all the measurements and close-up pictures of the component parts, but it's certainly stood the test of The Salmon here! I got my first one last year and it's been great, and just bought another one for another location as it's been so good. You might be able to get a really cheap and cheerful Operator's Chair, but if it's for extended use and not for a child to use, you'll want something more comfy and stronger.

It comes in a box and you assemble it yourself of course, but armed with the supplied tools and kit (with plenty of spares - even two extra wheels!), it's much easier to do than some I've tried! You could easily pay £30-50 for a cheapo-special chair anyway, so if you wait for this one to drop to between £70-80, it's a much better option. Recommended.

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