Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Dimplex Electric Fan Heater

I never complain about the cold, or being cold. Only heat and being hot! However, even I have limits and this time of year when I'm down at my Static (out of season with water and boiler winterised) for any time checking or just hanging out for a change of scenery, it's very cold!

Enter the Dimplex DXFF20TSN Electric Flat Fan Heater scooped up from AmazonUK ( for £20. I chose this one over some of the other no-name brands which I could have got for about £13 based on the various reviews where people have had very poor quality control issues, including melting 3-pin plugs! I also chose this one as I realised that I had bought it before, down south, and remembered that it had been very efficient and reliable.

It's a simple thing really. A dial for on/off, half, full or cold power and another to adjust the degree of heat. It lays flat on the ground, which I think is safer than the ones which are tall and stand high. It's rated at 2000W so in round terms, I guess, on full power, drinks as much juice as a medium-sized kettle. It blows out an amazingly good flow of heat (or cold air) which warms up a medium-sized room in no time.

It's made of tough white plastic and feels very sturdy and has a carry-handle at the back. And that's about it really! Oh, and unlike some with very short cables, this one is about 2 yards long, so much better. Simple and efficient. Very efficient! Recommended.

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