Sunday 13 January 2019

Invero Cheese Grater

We spoke on Whatever Works some months ago now about cheese graters, and I don't think we ever did end up getting one, concluding it was easier, cheaper and less messy just buying grated cheese! However, we also concluded that buying grated cheese is very limiting in terms of the types of cheese available ready-grated.

Enter the Invero! This grater claims to be good for not only cheese, but also vegetables and fruit (I guess it would have to be hard fruit)! As for cheese, it works beautifully. The unit comes with 3 drums, each with a different grade of cutting holes, a bung for pressing down the cheese into the top chamber and a handle for turning the drum. The drums fit in easily and seem to be made well, of 'BPA-free food grade ABS' plastic and steel.

The whole unit is pretty well made, sturdy hard plastic, nice and big and brightly coloured. The rear of the unit has a lever which operates the vacuum sucker on the base and when on a firm, flat surface, it holds the unit down for ease of operation. It doesn't fly off the counter!

That's about it really. Simple tool, no electricity needed, washes up easily, stick the drums and plunger in a dishwasher if you're really lazy. As usual, there's a wild variation of reviews at AmazonUK but to me here, it seems here to be a very good buy at £15.

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