Monday 5 February 2024

Primer (2004)

Blimey, this was a bit of mind-bending Sci-Fi that I tried to keep up with as it went along! Gave up in the end after it finished and watched a YouTube Video explaining it all by diagrams! Still, I expect you folk already know this one and I'm just a bit thick.

It's all to do with these four nerds who build a machine in their garage which is supposed to do something clever to do with proteins, but ends up enabling time-travel backwards. So they set about trying to exploit that for gain, but of course all is not as it seems with such scientific unknowns and experimentation. They use themselves as guinea pigs as they start playing with time warps and face the consequences.

There's a lot of hand-held camera used throughout, which is a bit Blair Witch annoying, making the thing come across as more of documentary at times. The soundtrack was not great either - I'm guessing that this was another low-budget outing. But certainly interesting for geeks, and short at 80 minutes. But if you're as dense as me, tag on another 10 minutes to head for YouTube at the end!

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