Friday 16 February 2024

Laced (2023)

The film that desperately needed a twist. And it didn’t come. But it keeps you expecting one and OK if you don’t know (I’ve spoiled that for you now)! Well actually there is one small twist, I guess. But anyway, I quite liked this little thriller.

It’s quite claustrophobic and felt as though it could have easily been a stage play with the whole shoot inside one house whilst outside a snow storm is in motion.

It’s the story of Molly who is living with her husband, Charlie, who abuses her (though we don’t see any evidence of it). She’s fallen in love (before we join the story) with a woman called Victoria.

Victoria has encouraged and facilitated Molly into bumping Charlie off by poisoning him, which she tries to do. Victoria is the apparent brains behind the plan and has it all worked out regarding disposal of the body.

In the middle of all this, Charlie’s friend Austin (who is also Molly’s brother) turns up unexpectedly and finds himself in the now-getting, complicated mix. It could well have been turned into a comedy (of errors) but no, it sticks to its guns as a thriller!

Three of the four actors, particularly Dana Mackin as Molly, are very good and Kyle Butenhoff playing Charlie is also the director/writer of the yarn. Hermione Lynch as Victoria is the one out of her depth as she goes about her task in a wooden manner.

But most of it is fun and stitches together nicely as a well-paced thriller. It keeps the viewer’s attention with some suspense and gore here and there. Worth a watch. It just really needed a twist!

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