Monday 5 February 2024

Another Earth (2011)

This is a nice little low-budget Sci-Fi/drama/love story. A young woman (Rhoda) has been astronomy-mad forever and one day, humanity suddenly sees Earth 2.0 looming out in Earth 1.0's orbit! An identical-looking planet.

She's fascinated of course. So much so that she is peering out of her car window at it, driving, a bit tipsy after a party, and crashes into another car occupied by a family. Fatalities litter the scene. But the man of the family survives and Rhoda tries to connect with him a few years later, not revealing her identity. They start to spend time together.

In the meantime, she enters a competition to be one of the lucky people to head off to Earth 2.0 and so the story unfolds from there - which I won't spoil.

The Sci-fi bit takes a bit of a back seat really to the drama between the players, but it still lurks around most corners providing a strong backdrop to proceedings.

It's nicely played by the two leads, Brit Marling and William Mapother, as they negotiate the past, present, future, present and past! Worth a gander if you get the chance.

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