Monday 5 February 2024

Anatomy of a Fall (2023)

A snow-covered chalet in France is the setting with husband, wife, child and dog. The woman is German and a writer and is suspected of her husband Samuel’s murder - as when he fell out of a window, she was the only one at home, they had a relationship full of friction and their son, discovering the body on his return, has a severe sight impairment.

Apart from flashbacks in which much of the truth about their situation is unpeeled for us - and time getting to know the characters - the film ends up in court as she faces the trial.

It’s full of tension and suspense as we observe the scene, the family, the likelihood of a murder, suicide or accident with those having to make the decision.

Husband has had a suspected history of at least one suicide attempt, to make matters even more tricky. It’s made even more difficult for them as they have to dance around between languages, French, where they live, English, the husband’s native language and German, hers. Subtitles, obviously, where needed away from English.

Justine Triet wrote the story/film with Sandra Huller in mind to play to lead - and Huller does a splendid job throughout. A masterclass in acting, many have said. I don’t know any of the other players, but the two and a half hour run time flew by and it's up for all sorts of awards as a piece of art.

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