Saturday 6 January 2024

Outpost (2022)

After a violent past, a woman seeks solitude and isolation by taking a voluntary position for 3 months in a 'watch tower' out in the wilds of America, keeping an eye on the dry landscape for fires. If she spots any, she radios it in and the emergency services deal with it.

Trouble is that the isolation and ghosts of her violent past start to play tricks with her mind and introduce the risk and danger that she might succumb to irrational behaviour due to her mental health problems.

Very slow to begin with but paced nicely so that in the last stages, it reaches a very satisfying climax and becomes worth the wait! At times, the isolation depicted is nicely reflected for the audience via tension and atmosphere as the story develops.

Beth Dover (Orange is the New Black) plays the part admirably, reflecting the anxiety from the character's past well. Becky Ann Baker (Girls) pops up in an interesting role and Ato Essandoh (Let the Right One In) supports very nicely.

Sometimes feeling like a low-budget outing, others, well-constructed and executed by director/producer/actor/writer Joe Lo Truglio. Certainly worth a watch and fairly short at under 90mins. Billed as 'horror', it's not really.

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