Saturday 6 January 2024

Cold Prey (2006)

Original title: Fritt vilt. 5 young Norwegians head up to the mountains to snowboard. One breaks his leg and it's getting dark soon, so they spend the night in a big, abandoned hotel, closed 30 years ago. They are not alone!

This is a great teen slasher thriller, thoughtfully presented and with not too many silly jump-scares. It's all pretty low-budget of course but for a bit of a grizzly hoot, it's just that. As per usual for the genre, the teens are getting bumped off one-by-one, but how many and/or which of them survive?!

It's not badly acted and some of the suspense is actually done quite well. Look out for the cheap nod to The Shining (aside from it being a big empty hotel in the snow, that is)! I quite enjoyed it.

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