Saturday 6 January 2024

Operation Napoleon (2023)

A half-decent Icelandic thriller which falls short of blowing one's socks off. But it's fine. A story about a woman who gets dragged into an adventure with her brother and some others because they stumble on a crashed aircraft with a secret in Iceland which has been buried since the end of WWII (but global warming has exposed it for the first time).

We then have a bit of a chase with nasty government agency bods pursuing the 'goodies' as our heroes try to do the right thing but the 'baddies' are doing their best to bump them off and cover up the secret stuff that would expose some dirty deeds being planned at the end of the war.

There's a little bit of suspense here and there, but it's quite tame as thrillers go really. The cast are generally watchable, do an acceptable job and it passes a couple of hours nicely enough. That's about it really.

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