Saturday 13 January 2024

Crazy Eights (2006)

That was a bit lame, I thought, and a flop. A nice idea - the dead girl from beyond the grave getting all the ‘guilty’ friends to go back to the place where she’d died and then pick them off one by one - but it just didn’t carry for me.

The acting was lousy throughout, the audio soundtrack was poor (by design I think - rather like a Blair Witch thing), the script was worse, the handheld camera throughout was annoying and the ending abrupt and a complete anti-climax.

I guess it was pretty low budget - too low in fact to actually show any gore or even attacks! I’m OK with attacks on people not being shown if suspense and suggestion replaces it, injecting fear into the viewer, but here it doesn’t. It was lazy/cheap and only relies on a quick glimpse of a shadowy figure behind each victim, then edit/cut-away!

As I say, it had the makings of a really good horror/thriller as a notion, but it’s like the people making it got fed up halfway through, didn’t have enough money to make it good, so just threw in the towel.

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