Sunday 7 January 2024

High Tension (2003)

Now here's a neat little French thriller/horror/gore-fest, also known as Switchblade Romance elsewhere. 90 minutes of chaos as another fruit-loop goes on the rampage, killing and maiming everyone around them in different ways!

Prepare for plenty of blood, body-part removal, inventive termination methods and a neat twist at the end (you might want to watch it twice)!

Two girls go to stay with the family of one of them in a country cottage and as soon as they arrive, the mayhem begins. In the middle of the night, the action kicks off as the daughter of the family, the other girl's friend, is taken hostage in the back of a van, chained up, while almost everyone else is for the axe. Or some other tool. Or inventive use of furniture!

Cecile de France (Russian Dolls, The French Dispatch) is in pretty much every scene as the visiting friend and carries it off very well. Director Alexandre Aja keeps the titular tension high throughout giving the audience few opportunities to draw breath! There's actually not an awful lot of dialogue once the scene is set, so dubbed or subtitled, it doesn't get in the way.

Good fun, well paced (i.e. frantic!), neat thriller for those who can stomach the gore. Nice!

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