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PodHub UK Podcasts for the Month of April 2022

...a roundup of our month of podcasting. Links to the team, communities and podcast homes on the net at the foot, so scroll down!

Whatever Works
Friday 1st April
Aidan and I are here once again to consider Whatever Works for you and us! All sorts of goodies on show including a man who can't reach his feet, many others who can't use roundabouts, a woman who can't collect parcels and another one who can't decide if an electric saucepan is better than a microwave or not! Why not tune into the lampoonery!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 689 - Fussy, Us?
Saturday 2nd April
Steve and I, on a catch-up special this weekend to clear the backlog of stuff we shuffle aside when we have interesting guests on the show. Plenty to chew over as I edge back closer to Samsung, Steve to iPhone, but both stumble in the middle on the Duo!

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 3rd April
Gareth and I are back scooting around the world of tech for a couple of hours finding Easter Eggs! Tablets, Monitors, Folding stuff, Isolated Development, law enforcement, nudity, violence and Gaming Galore! What more could you want to sanitise your Sunday?!

Projector Room
Episode 109 - Bombardment Bubble
Wednesday 6th April
Gareth, Allan and I are back again with our regular fortnightly roundup of what we've been watching in film, cinema and TV. This time we head for north Europe lingering in Copenhagen for The Bombardment and Ukraine for location-based media. We do a couple of comparisons of remakes heading into Nightmare Alley and look forward to some great stuff coming soon. Do join us!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 690 - Beach Wonkiness
Saturday 9th April
Steve and I welcome back Mike Warner this week as we take a fresh look at what's happening (particularly) in the Xiaomi world and offer some good picks. Loads of other stuff as well of course including the excellent POTM winner for March - a great work of art. So do join us for an hour (and a bit!).

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 10th April
Gareth and I return this weekend with another ton of tech tripe! This week we flex the Plex, fidget with Widgets, turn PowerToys into power tools and then Point and Click to Play with Stores and Read Anywhere! And much more clap-trap!

Whatever Works
Episode 160 - Show Me a Xiaomi!
Thursday 14th April
Aidan and I are back this fortnight a tad early as we have a virtual chat down the pub about Whatever Works for us and you! Plenty to natter about in our Houseparty shower(!) with everything from lawn mowers and toothbrushes to POP Keys and Plex while we negotiate foreign roundabouts! Do join us for an hour for some fun!

Phones Show Chat
Saturday 16th April
This week Steve and I welcome Scott Brady from the USofA to chat about his Phone Path, what he's using now and thoughts for the future. Lots of interesting stuff covered including his own POTW, Steve charging his old phones and me - I Find Macro!

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 17th April
Gareth Myles and I wonder if we'll see the 6a in the west or perhaps be retro-Shocked by Casio instead! More on the OnePlus 10R/Ace as well as the return of 7" phones and a nod and a wink from Google at Home! There's also the dwindle of the Kindle as we Return to Monkey Island once more!

Projector Room
Episode 110 - Deep Water Saul
Wednesday 20th April
Gareth, Allan and I are back for our fortnightly roundup of all things film, cinema and TV. This time, we go Beyond Evil with The Hunter, take a Nightride in Mexico and see a Lamb in Deep Water.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 692 - Smartphone Deluge
Saturday 23rd April
Steve and I are back again this weekend with guest Gavin Fabiani-Laymond as we find out what gear he's been testing and using, the usual stuff too and our thoughts on all things mobile phone.

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 24th April
Gareth and I are back again this weekend with our usual exciting trail through whatever junk we can find online to do with tech that tickles our fancy! Rumours galore of Sony, Pixel Watch, Galaxy Fold4 and even a mad Microsoft Duo Slim fan-render! To round things off we have games, ambient computing and nudity!

Whatever Works
Friday 29th April
Aidan and I are back to plague you once again with a mad hour of fun, discovering Whatever Works in life - and what doesn't! A very close-up fibrous and LED-lit view with pet-feeders, pods and great graters. As you Lift your mouse you'll blend your hand and gargle with something nasty! This and oodles more!

Phones Show Chat
Saturday 30th April
Steve and I are here again with another roundup of all things mobile phone and this week we welcome back Ben Smith to find out what he's up to, what he's using and where the 361 Pod has gone! Meanwhile, I almost forgive Motorola and Steve continues to dance to the cross-platform tune!

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