Sunday, 4 August 2019

Siumir Sisal Soap Bag with Drawstring

I hate using liquid soap so have always stuck with old-fashioned bars. However, I've also always been annoyed that when bars get too small to continue using, what's remaining is wasted.

Enter the Soap Saver Pouch! Chuck all your old bits in it, draw the string closed and rub between hands for quick foaming and use for the soap. If you like it, you can even just put new bars in.

It has a slightly 'rough' texture on the outside (but no worse than a sponge, I don't think) and I understand some use for exfoliation of skin and the like. I don't think, once foaming, it's too rough to use on the skin and works really well.

You can also then hang the bag so that soap is not swimming about in a watery dish deteriorating before next use. The soap and foam dry out in the air and excess fluid drips away.

At 2 for £3.50 it's as #cheap_as_chips and in the long term saves loads of cash buying soap. Recommended for old-fashioned types like me!

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