Tuesday 3 March 2020

Bamboo Desk Storage Organiser

Smart little desktop shelving unit this for about £20, though I got it half price, so look out for bargains at AmazonUK. I got it in to save the bother of putting some shelves above the desk.

It's self-assembly and made of two parts, so the right-hand part 'sits' on top of the left and consequently can be adjusted for any space you might have. It works round a right-angle corner, for example (though access is more limited) and you can pull the left and right apart to make it as big as you like, until the left drops off the right, of course!

The pack comes with a diabolically incapable screwdriver - absolutely useless, so don't even try it! Get your own out. From thereon in it's just a case of doing the usual, follow the diagrams - and Fanny's your aunt!

Seems sturdy enough with handy holes and platforms. Recommended 😁

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