Tuesday 3 March 2020

1home 'Adjustable Curve' Laptop Riser

Here's another addition to my home desktop which has made a huge difference to comfort, looking at my laptop screen at eye-level rather than chest-level. They do say it's much better for posture, regardless of my motivation merely for comfort!

It came in 5 pieces. The 'platter' which has a grid of holes in it to disperse heat, the two 'curves' which attach to the underside of the platter by supplied hand-tightening fat-headed bolt thingies, then the two 'feet' which you slide the 'curves' into. It's much simpler than I'm making it sound!

The last job is to then adjust the 'curves' in the 'feet' allowing for any angle/height up to flat and beyond. The adjustment is very stiff to move, which is a good thing as it won't move from the position you set it. At the front of the platter there's a 1cm ledge which the laptop sits snugly against, held by gravity.

It all works really well and there's also a natural 'cavity' underneath to put what you fancy - I've got my Hub in there with cable going round the side to the laptop's USB-C port.

It's £17 at AmazonUK and well worth it. It's made very well and does an excellent job.

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