Monday, 14 March 2022

Meat Grinder (2009)

The original title of this gore-fest from Thailand was Cheuuat gaawn chim and it's a film which (possibly understandably) I can't seem to find on any streaming services, so had to track down a used DVD.

The idea, on paper at least, is a bit Sweeney Todd, where a woman hits on the idea of bumping people off, grinding them up, cooking them and opening a cafe, passing it off as 'meat' - in her case noodles, in Sweeney Todd's, Pies! The difference here is that there's no comic injection, nor light musical interludes, rather gore with graphic blood-bath gushings and the psycho woman in charge going fruit-loop on people with whatever sharp implements she can find!

It seems to be trying to make a social statement through all this about hardship in childhood, the mistreatment of women and children by men and the unfairness of the system. Some of the time the film meanders into arthouse leanings and ends up as a montage of confusion between reality and life viewed through her growing rage and madness.

It's an interesting view for those who have the stomach - there was one scene which I couldn't watch involving fingernails - I won't say any more! But yes, a gore-fest, and not a funny one. An attempt at a thoughtful reflection of society's misdeeds pouring down on one woman who ends up going right off the rails. Eeeek!

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