Saturday 12 March 2022

Duronic Laptop Stand DML121

I bought something similar to this years ago and it got left behind in Sussex! Needed another, so here it is. It's incredibly flexible and fitted the bill nicely to get my laptop screen up high enough so that I could also use my posh new keyboard rather than the laptop's keyboard.

Into the bargain, you can get the screen up to eye level which helps with neck/posture etc. The six leg bits can be arranged in pretty much any position and have push-buttons in the pivot/joint to enable the moves. They also have a 'degrees' marking - which is actually very useful as one gets completely confused getting right/left together!

The platter is metal and the legs plastic. Platter is 42cm x 27cm (not what it says in the blurb) which is pretty big - and my giant 17" gaming laptop fits nicely. I guess you could use it for holding anything really - and the pictures show people using it in very innovative situations, wrapping it around themselves in bed or on sofas!

There are some pads on the platter to prevent movement but the most useful bit in that respect is obviously the front raised 'lip'. If you raise it up fully you can get to 46cm, so it could be used as a makeshift 'standing' desk.

The higher it gets - and the wonkier the angles - the less stable it gets of course! Depending on the weight of the item on the platter - you can't defy gravity, so one needs to be a bit careful! They reckon 10KG - but you'd have to be pretty careful up at that end!

It's just over £20 and just the job for what I need, decently (if not brilliantly) made and should last for a few years - depending on how much you move it I guess! Buy from Amazon.

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