Friday, 31 December 2021

PodHubUK Podcasts for the Month of December 2021


   ...a roundup of our month of podcasting. Links to the team, communities and podcast homes on the net at the foot, so scroll down!

The Phones Show
Episode 434 - NexDock 360 Review
Wednesday 1st December
Full review of this most interesting smartphone super-accessory. Lapdock, monitor, hub, this does everything.

Projector Room
Episode 101 - Grizzly Django
Wednesday 1st December
It's a case of after the Lord Mayor's Show I guess as we start the climb to 200! Join Gareth, Allan and I as we start the ascent, taking in films about/featuring Bears and mascara! We're certainly Open 24 Hours but it's No Time to Die inside 21 Bridges! Come and join us as we natter about film, cinema a TV for an hour. Oh no, it was nearly two! 😂

Phones Show Chat
Episode 670 - What? No Android 11?
Saturday 4th December
Join Steve and I this week as we join in the general Nokia Bashing, consider budget options, a very expensive Xperia and indulge in more Pixel ponderings!

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 5th December
Gareth and I are back and this weekend we invade Evercade, storm Stadia, steam into Chrome, tackle floating mice, play with a bird bot perched on a noisy cellular mast and then declare that no men could capture nomenclature! Bit of a long one too!

The Phones Show
Thursday 9th December
It's Christmas! Well, time for Steve's annual Top 5 Phones, anyway.

Phones Show Chat
Episode 671 - Light or Dark Side
Saturday 11th December
Steve and I are back this week with loads of content including a cracking Photo of the Month, exciting new innovations, interesting stuff here now (and around the corner) and Steve's Top 5 Phones for year-end 2021. Tom Stuart also joins us to talk about his Apple-centric life.

Tech Addicts Podcast
Sunday 12th December
Gareth and I reporting for duty again this weekend with another deluge of dross and ton of tech! If you Fold and Slide, reshuffle and merge, roll and repair, kiss and make up, you'll Trump the tech! Lots of fun as usual. Grab a large coffee and join us.

Whatever Works
Episode 151 - Santa's Ding-Dong!
Monday 13th December
Aidan and I are late on parade, but here! Why not join us for an hour as we natter about Whatever Works for us and you! Plenty of tat as usual, from kit and ziplock bags to bolt-action screwdrivers and cat litter - with much in between and around!

Projector Room
Episode 102 - The Power of the Meg
Wednesday 15th December
Gareth, Allan and I are back with another fortnightly scan of all things film, cinema and TV. Plenty for Meg to get it's teeth into as we treat ourselves to a shark-fest alongside a powerful dog - and we also look forward to a Gold Parasite - Unforgivable!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 672 - Rolling Back the Years
Saturday 18th December
Steve and I are back again this weekend with a look at mobile phones future, present and past - as Ben Wood from the Mobile Phone Museum drops in for a chat. And hold on...there's even a special visit from a very special seasonal traveller!

Whatever Works
Episode 152 - Kris Kringle Jingle!
Friday 24th December
Hellooo! We're back again Aidan and I, as we bring you an hour of seasonal festive cheer and madness! We rope in Chris Kelly for the event and welcome him back warmly to WWTowers! Loads of stuff to get through as usual as we consider Whatever Works for us and you! Ding dong! It's the last of 2021, so thanks to all for keeping the interest going, fuelling our enthusiasm over the year. Happy gorging everyone. Hic!

Phones Show Chat
Episode 673 - Christmas Top 3's
Saturday 25th December
Seasonal greetings to all from Steve and I at PSCTowers! We bring you a Yuletide Special to consume when you've scoffed all the turkey and tinkled with the tinsel! Steve and I have a think about what 3 things have been significant for us in the world of phones since last we dug around for that sixpence!

The Phones Show
Episode 436 - The End
Tuesday 28th December
Steve thanks all viewers over 16 years after deciding to draw a line under producing and shooting video phone reviews regularly. He says that there may be a show now and again when time allows or there's something interesting enough to shout about, but for now it's retired. Kind of!

Projector Room
Episode 103 - The Best of 2021
Wednesday 29th December
Welcome, once again to the musings of Gareth, Allan and myself relating to the world of film, cinema and TV as we look back at 2021. There is no Censor here as we share Another Round at New Year! There's No Time to Die as we kick The Chair from under us - and get the Shivers at the thought of The Thing! Lots of fun - do join us!

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