Saturday, 18 December 2021

Black+Decker 2kW Fan Heater

Lovely little fan heater which does what it says on the tin - blows air! I have it in a little room in my Static where my table with PC is used and podcasting area and if I shut the door in this colder weather it will heat the room up on full-belt (2000W) in about 5 minutes then can be turned off for a good half-hour.

It's not perfectly silent (not silent enough for recording) but it's completely unnoticeable otherwise during normal tasks. It is made of rigid plastic of course (with very nicely moulded feet) and has two dials. One controls the heat/cold (so can be used for cooling in summer) in 3 switch positions, cold, 1000W, 2000W, and the other the thermostat cut-out (for those who can be bothered). I'm more inclined to use it for blasts!

The power lead is about 6ft long and looks thick and sturdy, there's a red light on top to indicate when it's running, has a big air intake grille on top and the usual vents on the front. It needs to be used flat (which I think is always safer anyway) so no upright or wall-mounting here.

Double overheat protection is apparently in there! Not sure how you reach that level! Lock it in a cupboard and turn it on, I suppose! I had to dry a bathroom floor last week which had got damp and left it in there on full power for a couple of hours and it didn't stop!

Not sure what the Black+Decker branding means any longer but it it's anything like what it was in the old days, it should be well made and reliable. Recommended! £19.99 - Do please buy with my Amazon link as I get some pennies and it cost you no more. Thanks -

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