Monday, 27 December 2021

Clelo Neck Fan

Always on the lookout for methods to keep cool in this ever-getting-hotter earth, I look at the coming summer months and wonder what kind of year we face. So, here's the latest try and another gadget to cool me down! Some say that feet and wrists are the body's 'sensors' and to try and keep them cool, but how about the neck?

It's a bendy, hard-TPU gadget which pulls around the neck on one axis, so once your neck stops it getting in closer, that's it. A two-stage bend might be more flexible for some of us with big necks - but then there are quite big batteries in each side to prevent this. Once it's in the position you want, it doesn't move - it's not in any way 'floppy'. It's not very heavy on the neck - soon forgotten about.

The idea is that you charge it up, it intakes air from the holes at the front, pushes it back along the sides to the vents firing it up around the neck on the sides, towards the ears. It claims to be bladeless but I'm not sure how that can be true as there must be some sort of blade arrangement turning around in there to move the air - and suck it in. Whatever the mechanism, it is fully enclosed and won't tangle hair - even for those of us with Santa beards!

It has two batteries inside, one on each side, totalling 9000mAh, which is good for 18hrs of cooling on the low setting, 13hrs on the medium and 9hrs on the high. One of the problems as you get higher in fan speed is the noise - and it is, of course, right next to the ears. It's not quiet and sounds a bit like the noise sitting on an aircraft. I guess that over time one's brain would block it out. On the low setting it's significantly less noisy of course.

The good news is that it charges via USB-C (hurrah) and it seems that the Li-Ion batteries take about 4-6hrs to fully charge, depending on the power of the charger used. There's a little LED by the USB-C port to indicate what it's doing. When charging, it flashes red and then stays solid red when full. While it's being used it's blue and when not, off. There's a little 'flush' button on the outside-right towards the back which presses through the off-low-med-high loop.

As for the flow of air, summer will see! It's obviously no air-conditioning unit and at the end of the day it's a fan blowing air around which has been sucked in from the front. However, as we know from room and desk fans, these quite often defy physics! It's December as I write, so not hot, but it does genuinely feel as though it is providing a cooling effect around the ears and neck which is significantly cooler than the room I am sitting in - and much better than not having it on.

I shall update this in the summer when it's put to the test fully but in the meantime, please use my Amazon link if you want to buy and test one as they give me a few pennies if you do and it costs you no more. Thanks. Here's the link... (...currently £25.99 but might be more in the summer!)

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